Mafia Accommodation

The Mafia Archipelago forms part of the coral reef protecting the coast of Tanzania. The Mafia Marine Park was created with the support of the WWF to protect this unique ecology.
The huge Rufiji river delta influences this ecosystem by supplying nutritional substances at the base of a complex food-chain. The island is the meeting place of large oceanic fish and the the vast variety of fish common to the

Indian Ocean coral reefs. There are over 400 species of fish in the park.
Chole Bay, Mafia’s protected deep-water anchorage, is part of the marine park. Its horseshoe shape is studded with lovely beaches. A reef outside the bay runs the length of Mafia Island. The diving here is amongst the most spectacular in the world and includes colourful coral gardens, walls at various levels and many shelves and coral heads.

Pole pole Bungalow Resort consists of ten bungalows set in a shady, breezy spot facing a sea of the deepest blue and looking over at the islands of Chole, Juani and Jibondo.
Owned and operated by a young Italian couple, Massimo and Katia who have spent the last several years designing and building the resort. The ten roomy bungalows with wide verandas looking onto the sea are built entirely out of wood and raised on stilts to ensure the maximum comfort for the guests.
Each bungalow covers 60 sq m with personalized fixtures and furnishings. The floors are made out of afrormosia, one of the rarest and valued tropical woods, the furniture from mahogany and the door and window frames from doussi.

Kinasi Lodge is a small luxury lodge for twenty guests. Built with natural materials and traditional palm thatching, the lodge is situated situated in a coconut and cashew plantation overlooking the Bay and the islands of Chole, Jibondo and Juani. Large rooms are decorated with hand-made furniture, each with an elevated wooden veranda shaded under thatch, private bathroom, armchairs, tables and hammock. Each room is designed for total comfort, privacy, to catch the sea breezes and allow for individual views of the Bay.
There is all-day mains electricity and hot and cold water supply from three permanent wells on the property.
KINASI is beautifully furnished with antiques and hand-crafted furniture, made for us to our own designs. The dining room is appointed with crockery and hand-blown glassware made especially for us and there are original works of art by East African artists.

Catering is based upon local seafood: fresh fish, prawns, crab, lobster, octopus and calamari, with fresh vegetables and fruit flown from the mainland. Our breads, rolls, pizzas and variety of yoghurts, preserves and sauces are all home made, from traditional recipes. Seafood barbecues and Swahili cuisine are established KINASI customs.